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Sotheby's is a name known world wide for it's auctions of art, historical artifacts, and almost anything else you can think of.

On March 11, 1744 Sotheby's founder Samuel Baker held his first public auction in London, England, a collection of books that sold for a few hundred pounds. Now Sotheby's holds auctions regularly through their international offices in London and New York City with items regularly fetching in the mutli-millions.

While Sotheby's works with brokers in possession of some of the world's rarest and most unique items, they happened across to locate something a little less rare but no less unique for one of their many smaller offices. Even an auction company needs decoration for themselves and DutchCrafters provided a selection of beautifully hand constructed Amish Made Cuckoo Clocks.

These clocks not only provide a classic style on time telling but the construction that goes into them is tireless. The Amish craftsman spend endless hours amounting the tedious wheels and gears for the clocks interior to not only make it work but to last for a lifetime. DutchCrafters quickly got the clock orders into the Amish wood shop and a timely delivery was met as always!
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