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The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is far more than a premier destination. It's a convergence of dreams. A dream climate transported directly from Camelot. A dream community of genteel rural life in clear contrast to the buzz of urban living. An architectural dream in which Nature and classic Spanish buildings live in harmony. A dream hacienda and grounds that welcome guests to the romance of an inimitable place in time.

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe traces its roots to Rancho San Dieguto, an 8,824-acre land grant deeded by Spain in 1840 to Juan Maria Osuna, first mayor of Pueblo de San Diego. The Osuna's family earliest adobe, now restored, overlooks the scenic San Dieguito River Valley.

If you are comfortable, inspired or renewed here, it's for a reason. As Lilian said, "I have found real joy at Rancho Santa Fe. Every environment here calls for simplicity and beauty: the gorgeous natural landscapes, the gently broken topography, the nearby mountains. No one with a sense of fitness, it seems to me, could violate these natural factors by creating anything that lacked simplicity in line and form and color.

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe bought a Teak Nautic Cushion Container to store its cushions with the kind of class that characterizes its history and facilities.
3709 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota, Florida 34234
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