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America's Cup Charters

Looking for a top-of-the-line nautical craft that will impress your clients with the highest standards?

That's exactly what America's Cup Charters needed for a corporate event they were sponsoring. America's Cup Charters specialty is in orchestrating America's Cup Regattas aboard the world's largest charter fleet of 12 Meter yachts, the thoroughbreds of sailing! Their classic Twelves all raced for yachting's most coveted prize: the America's Cup. Three boats in our Newport, RI charter fleet actually won the America's Cup a total of four times: Weatherly, Intrepid (twice), and Freedom. The classic America's Cup Competitors Nefertiti, and Ted Turner's American Eagle complete our fleet of beautifully restored Twelve Meter Sloops, a collection unequaled throughout the world. Count on America's Cup Charters to deliver the finest private or corporate outing in the Northeast!

America's Cup Charters purchased 40 of our nautical picture frames as centerpieces for their corporate event. They needed them slightly customized and shipped quickly. We took care of them on both counts, deliverying the excellence that their clients expect.
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