Woodstock Jade Wind Chime
Woodstock Jade Wind Chime(Item #:9250)

Woodstock Jade Wind Chime

Green Jade actually originates out of Asia and comes in a variety of shades - from sea foam to a deep emerald green. Green has a calming factor to it - it reminds you of nature and a desire to expand your horizons.

Golden Ratio

The beautiful and relaxing sound of this wind chime is actually the result of something called the "Golden Ratio". The Golden Ratio, which was discovered by Ancient Greeks, can be found throughout nature and provides a peaceful tone to your backyard!

Call with Questions

Create some balance and tranquility in your life with our Jade Wind Chime. If you have any questions about this chime, please give us a call at 1-866-272-6773.
Listen to this Woodstock Jade Wind Chime

Overall Length: 22"
Weight: .7 lb

Green Wash Finish Cherry Wood
4 Dark Green Square Tubes
Stone Accents
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