Thorndike Mills Minute Man Pattern Cloth Rug (Item #:30727)
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The Minuteman Cloth Rug is one of the finest braided rugs made. Thorndike Mills' hands-on manufacturing process closely replicates the quality and construction of braided rugs made by our early American settlers. The reversible and durable, flat, true braid fabric consists of 65% virgin wool and 35% nylon and contains no filler. The crafting of the Minuteman rug requires manual skill and precision to ensure accurate color design, quality braiding, and stitching. Every Minuteman rug is guaranteed to be commercial-color matched and sewed with the highest quality spun polyester thread for maximum strength. Minuteman and Beacon Hill, companion rugs, are the finest braided rugs made. Rug Colors • Blue Multi w/Light-Dark Blue Solids • Rust Blue Multi w/Light-Dark Blue Solids • Blue Red Multi w/Light-Dark Blue Solids • Green Rust Multi w/Light-Dark Green Solids • Green Multi w/Burgundy Solids • Blue Green Tones w/Navy Solids • Mauve/Sage Accent w/Sage Green Solids • Blue & Mauve Tones w/Dark-Light Blue Solids • Green/Beige Plaid Mix w/Olive Green Solids • Burgundy/Green/Blue Plaid w/Burgundy Solids • Beige Tones w/Green/Burgundy Accents w/Dark Green
Rug Dimensions
Oval: (2' x 3') - (12' x 15')
Round: (3'6" x 3'6") - (9' x 9')

Rug Shapes
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