Metropolis Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Mailbox(Item #:6818)

Architectural Mailboxes Metropolis Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Mailbox Architectural Mailboxes Collection

High style meets high security with the Metropolis wall mount mailbox. Heavy stainless steel construction resists the elements while keeping your mail, magazines, and soft parcels safe and secure. Metropolis Product Features The robust Metropolis is a constructed of stainless steel for unparalleled resistance to the elements. The incoming slot is perfect for residents receiving larger items, such as magazines and bank check boxes. The storage compartment is wide and deep and is protected by a durable stainless steel cam lock with dust shutter. Each Metropolis mailbox includes mounting hardware, instructions and two mail compartment keys. Metropolis Finish Options The Metropolis is available in two stainless steel finishes. The progressive swirl pattern is available for consumers needing for a more contemporary design while the brushed satin finish has a clean look with a modern touch. Metropolis Material Specifications All parts are hand polished and finished prior to assembly. All Metropolis mailboxes are approved by the United States Postmaster General. BODY: 20 gauge stainless steel construction availabel in two premium metallic finishes ROOF: 20 gauge stainless steel construction, in matching metallic finish FINISH: Hand-polished in two premium metallic finishes LOCK: Stainless steel scalped cam lock with dust shutter and two keys Mounting hardware and instructions included. Architectural Mailboxes offers residential mailboxes products that meet the needs of contemporary American Lifestyles. Their estate sized large outdoor mailbox designs allow for increased delivery volume. Features include a palette of fresh colors and metallic finishes that appeal to today's homeowners discerning tastes and compliment the current home building trends.
Width: 12"
Depth: 5 ½"
Height to Roof: 15 ½"

Satin Finish
Swirl Pattern

Universal Lock and Key Set
Thumb Latch

Note: Mailboxes and Lettering Ship Separately.
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