Michael Healy Designs Decorative Cat Door Knocker
Cat Door Knocker(Item #:7258)

Michael Healy Cat Door Knocker Michael Healy - Artistic Decorative Hardware According to earliest records, the first sign of domestication of the cat dates back 8,000 years ago where bones of cats, mice, and humans were found buried together on the island of Cyprus. Apparently our early relatives brought both the cats and the mice to Cyprus with�the cats on purpose, the mice perhaps as stowaways. The family of cat can trace their genealogy back to ancient Cyprus and Egypt, an impressive feat. Unlike the domestication of the dog, pack animals, with a built-in cooperative instinct, the full domestication of the cat about 4,000 years ago was not so easily achieved. Nomads of the upper Sudan area of Egypt established their agrarian communities in the rich soil of the Nile Valley.
Height: 6"
Width: 4"
Depth: 3 ¼"

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